Let's talk about Adsense tips, tricks or what not.

@Cyrics (85)
April 15, 2008 4:14pm CST
Okay for those who's earning with Google adsense let's share tips with those planning to sign up with it. Let me start a few. 1. Refrain from clicking your own ad. It's not allowed and can get your account suspended faster than you think. There's another way of testing if the ads work. If you happen to click on your ad please try not to do it again. 2. The most important thing about adsense is traffic. More traffic equals more clicks hence more earnings. 3. Quality. Sites or blogs with quality content gets more clicks than those random sites or blogs. 4. Join adsense forums or community if you are serious about making money in Google adsense. You'll get more tips there. 5. Ads placemnt in your website is equaly important. Even if you have qaulity site with lots of traffic but poorly placed ads, then you'll get very few clicks. I know someone who's cashing in more than $1k monthly in just one of his site. It's not an overnight success of course but he was able to do it after a year of hardwork. My adsense get me about $100 a month and its almost a year since I started it. For sure if I devote more time to it then maybe I can make $200 or more in a month. It's your turn now guys.
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