Why Smart People Have Poor Communication Skills - And What To Do About It????

@kalass (611)
April 15, 2008 6:56pm CST
Saying that intelligent people have poor communication skills is a large generalization and stereotype to make isn’t it? This discussion may generate a fair bit of controversy, but I feel I give a balanced discussion in sharing my experience, knowledge, and getting you to think deeply about the topic. Whether you are intelligent, “mentally-challenged,” or curious about this topic in understanding those smart people in your life, I’m sure you’re bound to get some useful advice out of this discussion. Having come across this discussion and reading it this far, it is likely you’re above average intelligence – so the discussion is likely to directly speak to you. What do you guys THINK!!!!!!
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@vidhi169 (108)
• India
11 Nov 11
Not all smart peoples have poor communication skills, some smart peoples have good communication skill. Well to improve communication skill one can find plenty of literature on this. There are also experts, who conduct workshops and seminars based on communication skills of men and women. To get more details you may follow the link below. http://www.communicationskills.co.in
@daiweian06 (1405)
30 Nov 10
I dont think Intelligent people had a poor communication skills. Like what you said intelligent people understand and most of the people i know is very good in their English communication skills. All i know is that not all good in English are intelligent. They just know how to compose and good in grammar. But in other things they are not flexible.
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
Hello kalass! You're right that smart people have poor communiation Skills. Maybe this is because they usually think that everybody is in parallel with them. They thought that people can understand things as fast as they can do. In school for example, professors explain things with their assumption that everything is clear to theor students however, after an exam, most of students fail. This thinking is a hindrance for a good communication. To solve this, smart people should take in to consideration and know their audience so that they can explain things well and adjust to how their audience will understand everything. It is good to start at the very basic part of a discussion.
@munhozmib (3837)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
16 Apr 08
Hello, Kalass. I believe that you are making a mistake in here. Intelligent people CAN and usually DO have a good conversation, with no matter who is the other. You seem to put the intelligence as the skill to learn school subjects in a good way, when it is not like that. An intelligent person can learn from LIFE, they learn from their mistakes and evolve as a person. It doesn't mean that they know all subjects in school, nor that they can answer every riddle. It means that they can grow in life. It means that they can see their own errors and fix them, without having to make too many mistakes just because of a simple thing. So, if you are talking about those person who only know school subjects, then yes, usually they have a bad conversation. Mainly because they spend hours locked on their rooms STUDYING. Studying things that, perhaps, they will never put to use. Instead of having a social-life, they choose to have their own day, only closed at themselves. This is why they have a poor conversation with others. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@dawnald (84482)
• Shingle Springs, California
16 Apr 08
Some smart people have very good communication skills. But many do not. It may have something to do with having been socially awkward when growing up, more emphasis in the family on educational skills rather than social or just some genetic thing. But social skills can be learned. My son, who has autism, goes to a social skills class to learn things that other people just pick up naturally.