The peace between China and America

April 16, 2008 1:45am CST
you know,recently the Tibet problem ,Taiwan problem and Olympic game ,three things are confused by china goverment. America has something to do with three problem . so,the relasionship between china and america is becoming more and more seriously. especially this year. Do you think there will be a war between China and America?why? sounds terrible!
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@Alle91 (188)
• Australia
18 Apr 08
There's not going to be a war between China and the US, but somehow I don't think it's because America loves China, but rather America is forced to respect China. China is powerful enough to roll anyone. Americans learnt a good lesson after the Korean war - China is not an easy target. So don't worry, be happy! cheers =]
• China
18 Apr 08
hehe, thank you my dear friend. after saw your notes,i really feel happy about it. thank you for your complement. good luck to you ...
@Drakhan (240)
• United States
17 Apr 08
I can't see America going to war over Tibet or Taiwan. Frankly, I think China is the only nation left in the world who we could consider an equal militarily or economically. Although, I think India has potential to become the third superpower given time. When the Olympic torch came through San Francisco, the police realized that for the first time, the Chinese outnumbered the protesters along the route and they changed the route because they were afraid it become much more violent since unlike Paris and London, there were actually Chinese people in the crowd. The good side of that is that violence was avoided. The bad side was that the world was cheated of seeing the pro-Chinese response. All the Free Tibet protesters I've seen so far have been white people who've made maybe one field trip to Tibet in college or went there on vacation one year. Someone needs to point out that the Dalai Lama supporters tend to be Americans who consider themselves enlightened because they own a yoga DVD and burn incense when the meditate and the pro-China protesters are Asian who actually know the history and culture of the country.
@naseefu (1607)
• India
16 Apr 08
The Tibet problem is an important issue all over the world.America says for a peace talk with Tibetans.Now Dalailama visited the America itself.There he said nothing about the issue.Eventhough we all know that is a serious problem. I am from India.We have to conduct the Olympic Torch relay.The rehearsal was interrupted by Tibetans and they got arrested. We can just wait and see,Thanks Weiyi
• United States
16 Apr 08
America would not attack China unless China tried to invade America. We probably wouldn't even get involved in China invaded North Korea, but we might be involved in China invaded other countries. The issues with Tibet will not get the American army deployed. In part, this is because China doesn't have Oil. Sorry to say it, but if America doesn't have a pressing need for something in your control, they are very slow to go to war.