A short story of wireless electricity by a Great Scientist

April 16, 2008 1:52am CST
TO : All THE BOOKWORMS WHO LOVE READING A LOT This is a short story of nicholas tesla which i read in a book and wished to share with you all. Nicholas tesla is a physicist,inventor and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical achievement.He was awarded 221 world wide patents and 113 US patents for his inventions.After finding Alternating Current(AC) he sold its patents to clear his debts and with the remaining resources he found the way to transmit electricity without wires.He did it by transmitting 100 million volts of high frequency electric power wirelessly over a distance of 26 miles at which he lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs and ran one electric bulb!.His research papers regarding it are lost and hence the way he did transmit electricity without wires remains unsolved even today by our scientists world wide. If you like this story just leave me a message as i do have many more interesting stories and would post if you wish
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