Mobile Phone Rage

April 16, 2008 2:54am CST
Everyone knows about road rage but have you heard of Mobile Phone Rage??? A few days back, there was a news segment in CNN (or BBC, I can't say for sure) about a man in New York City who tells off, shouts and even accost train passengers of the Long Island Rail Road for talking on their mobile phones. I'm just as annoyed by people who talk too loudly or talk too long on their mobiles but I hardly think it's right to shout at people just for using their phones. Funny thing was that the regular train passengers seem to know this guy because when he came in the coach, people started leaving his general area...signifying that they know who he is and what he's been doing to people. If your annoyed at someone who's on his or her mobile phone, do you feel the need to confront them or do you just sit there and say nothing? In my opinion, this guy is nuts and should have been given some jail time for harassing people. If you want to read the whole story go to See you guys around!
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