My Life of Satire part 2

United States
April 16, 2008 4:51am CST
I am sharing with you parts of my blog that I write often. I think it is a lot of what we need in todays world, satire and humor. Please enjoy and go see my blog for the rest of the story.... Aingealicia ....So I have decided where I stand as a journalist. I liked Edward R. Murrow, who was a fantastic journalist. “Good Night and Good Luck.” Amazing man, but the truth, no matter how bold, must be told. Otherwise the people cannot decide for themselves. I have backed up my column with websites for you to enjoy your colorful and visual journey of my free view of the world. Ever watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? This might be considered the boat ride. Now that you have that song in your head, if not, we can all sing along, follow the bouncing ball. “Oompa loompa, dupity do…” I feel it is important you not only have visuals but the sound track too. Just so you know, when I arrived in Wonderland I took the red pill. I like rabbit holes. In a way by taking that pill I agreed to this new rabbit hole. If you don’t know what pill I am talking about, watch the Matrix. Also just so things don’t go wrong, if this article reaches the right people and can move forward to them, if you have made it this far without saying hey, this lady is a nut case, what is the next story? You are probably the right person just like thousands out there to help and speak out about what you are seeing. Please enjoy and make your own decisions. If you are in a cave, please keep the noise down for the other occupants. I am just showing you what I have found because most don’t have the blessings of being able to stay home and find everything I have. They have to work because if they don’t, their families will not have a house and well, let’s really think about that, weigh it out, and discuss. Food and shelter compared to finding out what will possibly kill you besides smoking. I think that the food is more important myself, but hey that is just me. Let’s start in America, shall we? I can’t think of a better place to start, the land of the free. My studies have begun to manifest into a few interesting turns, you could say as to what is going on in today’s society. Wow, people talk about global warming, and there is no better way than to prove it exists, but by seeing it exist for yourself. Now I have had the privilege seeing a great many things in my life which others could never imagine what it is like. To be able to touch a glacier is one thing that no one can put into words. I have seen Portage Glacier a long time ago. We will leave it at that, this needs be an age- appropriate article. What is not appropriate is you knowing my age. Alaska is beautiful and wonderful, as long as you are tall enough to see over the snow embankment and you like the darkness for a bit of the year. I remember my first time to Alaska and arriving on the plane in the middle of February. The snow was taller than me and it was dark, and continued to be dark for the next 3 months. Not exactly what you call fun for a person who is used to the sun. You learn to appreciate the sun a great deal when it is no longer available to you. Sure it is great you get the northern lights, which are something I am so grateful to have seen. They would have been great to see when the possibility of not having to wear thermals, 3 pairs of socks, 10 sweaters and a heating blanket was not involved, along with the customary ski mask. I will tell you, however you do learn that shorts and a t-shirt is not something you want to wear when you just have to run to the corner store or watch the northern lights. First off, you look a bit odd, second the snow is unreal, and third it is cold. It is Alaska. When I was in Alaska; it was a high of 70 degrees in the warmest part of the year. During the coldest part of the year it is advisable not only to wear warm clothing, but your car may need to be plugged in too or it may not start the next day. The other bonus of living in Alaska is the moose. It is great to have moose run across in front of you when you know that if it stops, you are in a traffic jam until he moves. Let me tell you something, if a moose crosses in front of the car you are driving: Stop. Don’t honk at the moose, this makes the moose angry and if you have read this you have no excuse if he walks over your car to welcome you to Moose Country. Don’t feed it. If you have to ask why, when you stop feeding it the moose gets angry and your car may not make it. It is suggestible you do not get out of the car to take a photo of a moose unless of course they are buried in the snow up to the chest. If this is the case, why did you stop anyway? You have a better chance of getting in the car and being able to get away, instead of the moose climbing up over the car. Now for those of you in Moose Country, I know not every moose does this, but do you really want to take the chance that you get the one of out ten moose that has had a bad hair day or he has been shot at? Remember, your state gets to clean up the mess a moose leaves behind. For those of you who do not know that much about moose, ask a hunter. They will tell you let the moose win. Ok so that is your first lesson in staying alive in Moose Country. I have lived in Maine too, so this will not be your last lesson on how to survive Moose Country. Now back to the global warming. I can tell you of the wonders of Alaska; the glaciers were the one thing that were so breathtaking. There are no words to describe how blue the ice was and how big they were. It is nothing like the Discovery Channel. In Alaska I think maybe I should have been on the Discovery Channel for all I got to see there. If I have not mentioned it before or you missed it, unless you are tall enough to see over the snow banks it is not advisable to go to Alaska. If you think you are going to run around in shorts and a t-shirt, it is not advisable to go to Alaska, and if you feel you must provoke the moose, do not go to Alaska. For the height requirement, you should be about 10 feet or over for the winter months. I am not so sure that is the case anymore. Alaska is warming up now and you might actually get away with a t-shirt and shorts... Read all this and more on my blog located on my profile. Thanks again, Aingealicia
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