Can Kaka & Ronaldinho Play Together?

April 16, 2008 8:33am CST
With it looking increasingly likely that Ronaldinho will join AC Milan in the summer can Kaka and Ronaldinho co-exist in the same team? What system or tactic will they use? What are your views on this?
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• Indonesia
16 Apr 08
I saw Kaka and Ronaldinho played together with national team in the previous moment. I think coach should mix tactic and strategic or gives them duty. Because Kaka and Ronaldinho have same characters playing that good skill and technique. You can choose Ronaldinho as second striker, and Kaka will played as play maker, stand before duet striker, who Ronaldinho as another striker. Coach can chose the strategic trio striker, Ronaldinho, Kaka or another striker as a target man. Because Ronaldinho was played trio with Samuel Eto`o and Linoel Messi when played in Barcelona. it`s a last choice when first alternative can be played
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
I saw them play in the World Cup and they were poor throughout the tournament. They took up the same positions on the pitch and they failed to combine. I think that was the major factor why Brazil had a disappointing tournament. The signing of Ronaldinho would be great but it may present more problems to Milan.
@danoluma (817)
• Kenya
17 Apr 08
Definitely they can play together ,Ronaldinho has the ability to play at any midfield position even in the flanks so Kaka can play deep in midfield while Ronaldinho plays an attacking midfielder, Ancelotti can also come up with a better idea the combination can yield great results
@jayperiod (870)
• United States
16 Apr 08
Don't forget that they are also planning to aggressively pursue Andriy Shevchenko to play up front along side Ronaldinho! I think Kaka and Ronaldinho can play together well. There are several examples of top name players working together. If they are really great players, they will find a way to complement each other. If they are just egomaniacs, it will show rather quickly and they won't last the full year. Kaka is young and can effectively play midfield. As an attacking midfield, it would actually open up the chances for both forwards, leading to quite a bit of scoring. Could be very interesting to watch.