My Backlash Predictions

April 16, 2008 11:30am CST
Batista Vs Shawn Micahels I would like it to end in a DQ and lead to a big feud between the two. Possibly Batista will move back to Raw when and only when the draft comes back, mabye. I personally see either a Draw or possibly them giving HBK the win. Big Show Vs Khali Well I know who I want to win. I think there may be a DQ on this judgeing by the spoilers on Smackdown where Big Show Vs Mark Henry but interference by Khali. So hopefully Big Show will win. United States Champion MVP Vs Matt Hardy Well, mabye as Hardy has only come back so recently I can see them giving MVP the win either straight or by DQ. We know that MVP and Matt Hardy having been feuding for a while, but due to injury Hardy had to leave and the feud had to be suspended till he came back. I would like to see hardy get more recognition as a singles competitor and champion, but mabye next time,but would be good. ECW Champion Kane Vs Chavo Guerrero Well I dont think Kane will loose the title so early. Mabye a DQ with Chavo's new man, but I definately see Kane walking out as Champion. WWE Champion Randy Orton Vs JBL Vs HHH Vs John Cena Well in this fatal fourway I have two winners in mind. My first being HHH, we all know he lost at WM 24, and a lot of people saw HHH as Champion right, it was all over the internet, but surprisingly WWE kept the belt on Orton. So mabye we can see HHH winning at Backlash. The other is Orton. If WWE decice against not giving it to HHH then it will stay with Orton but I think it will end at Backlash. Cena isnt going to win, as he is busy with his Film and I cant see JBL as WWE Champion for a long long while, mabye never. World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker Vs Edge Well we all know that Undertaker was going to get a longer title run for his fifth World Title, but obviously it was cut short, so I can see Undertaker getting the long run now, and I see him walking out as World Heavyweight Champion at Backlash. I cant see it being by DQ, and as Undertaerk is using the Gogoplata a lot, and even the Triangle choke, I would like a clean win here whereby Undertaker uses the Tombstone or Last Ride on Edge and wins. So yeah Undertaker will win tonight.
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@Marcola (2774)
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16 Apr 08
With Chris Jericho as the special referee in the Shawn vs. Batista match, and seemingly on his way to being a heel, (Which I'm in favor of.) I could see Jericho giving a fast count while Batista pins Shawn Michaels. I think a screw job there is imminent. In the Big Show vs. Khali match, I'd like to see Show destroy Khali, so hopefully that happens. In the Matt Hardy vs. MVP U.S. title match, it seems like it would make most sense for Hardy to win the title. I guess it all depends on whether WWE will pull the trigger on this one. Undertaker and Kane-I hope they both retain. After the ECW title match, Kane could extract revenge on Chavo's hired hand. Supposedly, his name is going to be Bam Neely. The fatal four way-I agree with you on Triple H being the most likely candidate. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Cena emerges victorious. Vince seems content to shove Cena down our throats. If Randy Orton retains, that would be shocking, but the question is: Where would he go from there? Would there be a one-on-one match on Raw the night after Backlash with the WWE title on the line: Triple H vs. Randy Orton, with Triple H winning the title? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!