Whats your iq, interested in mensa

United States
April 16, 2008 12:40pm CST
So mylotters im trying to join a group called mensa. in order to join mensa you have to have a very high IQ, a couple of people I have talked to said you had to have a 140 or higher to get it. a perfect IQ is 200. so today I took a mock iq test and was just playing around and scored a 120. this summer I plan on taking an iq test and take it serious so that I can try to get into mensa and open alot of doors and oppourtunities in life. so any mylotters already in mensa or would like to try like me lol. and whats your iq if you dont mind sharing?
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• United States
16 Apr 08
Okay. To be in Mensa you have to have an IQ over 148. Average IQ is 90-110. Genius is over 140. To have an IQ over 148 puts you in the top 2%, which is Mensa. I know this because my fiance's IQ was scored at over 160 and Mensa started harassing him at age 18, but his parents never let him join, they called it a rip-off. I hate his parents...
• United States
16 Apr 08
awww that sucks. my parents encouraged me to try to join when I mentioned it to them. I beleive I can get over a 148 but I wont know till I try.
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17 Apr 08
Mensa is something to have to be invited to, you can't just join. A person's IQ gets lower as they get older. It's a measurement of your mental capacity/intelligence contracted against your age. As your age get higher, your capacity shrinks as you learn things and are expected to know things. So the odds of being able to measure your actual IQ is slim as you are already an adult. IQ is not a test you try to score high for,like a school exam. It either is or isn't. Sorry.
• United States
16 Apr 08
To join Mensa, you must score in the top 2%. They do not just accept any IQ test. You must either score in the top 2% on certain standardized tests or pass Mensa's own entrance exam. Also, Mensa is a social organization. That is it. It does not open any more doors or provide any more opportunities than joining any other social organization. It is not a magic formula to riches. Just ask any poor Mensa member.
• United States
16 Apr 08
lol it looks good on a resume when asked about it.
• United States
16 Apr 08
Not really. The person interviewing you may think you are bragging, or arrogant. I have never found it helpful and have even been advised to remove it from resume.
@teison2 (5923)
• Norway
16 Apr 08
I am not a member of Mensa and I do not think I would like to be either. I do not like this kind of elitism. but that's me. For all I know it may be a great club to belong to. I have taken several tests and my IQ has been between 129 and 146. I think the tests are not very fair. I think I have tremendous advantages after having had a lot of math and logic at school and university. There are other kinds of intelligense that is not measured in these tests at all. Well - som measure communication skils as well, but I still think they should be done differently. If they should be used at all But good luck on the test! They are quite fun to do i think
• United States
16 Apr 08
yeah I think they are fun as well. and thanks for the luck.
22 Feb 09
"a perfect IQ is 200" Not sure where you get this figure. Although there are many tests and scales to measure IQ, the measurement Mensa use has a maximum figure of 160 for an adult. A better measure is the percentile figure. For example my Mensa score (I am a member) is 159 and this places me high in the top 1% of intellects. However an innate tendency to laziness means that I'm just an average Joe when it comes to real life. just enjoy what you have.
@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
9 Jul 08
hmm i'm curious as to why do you want to join mensa? where i am you got to pay S$60 a year just to be a member. they'll send you some newsletter quarterly or something like that. unless you really like to do networking, it's not really fun stuff. do bear in mind that most of the members aren't the most successful people in life. if you are serious about it, i think you can contact the mensa office of your country. they hold yearly IQ tests to see if the participants qualify. i think they will accept the top 2% of the population though i have no idea what's the qualifying score. I got 156 but i didn't join as a mensa member. lol ;p
• United States
2 Jul 08
What is mensa? (Please excuse my inexperience) Well, I've always been interest in IQ test and most IQ test I took tells me that my IQ falls between 130 - 147. It's alright, I guess, but I would want to take a IQ test that is serious and can really test your IQ. I rather don't trust the ones i've taken so far. Actually, I do, but I just want an accurate number.
@Jhordie (5116)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
I am interested as well... I actualy took some IQ test online and I dunno if it is true?! I got 125! I guess both of us can reach their minimum if not surpass the said required score. Pls keep me posted about your plans... as I am wishing some of my friends take the exam... And I am glad finding you.
@timoboll (80)
• New Zealand
23 Jun 08
Hi there! I have an iq of between 135-145 and i've taken the online mensa test, but i think you have to pay the join, even if your iq is in the top 2% (so i didn't join). Being in mensa is like being in a social group, no extra opportunities or benefits etc are offered other than the social status of being in mensa.
@Asylum (48027)
• Manchester, England
3 May 08
I was a member of British Mensa a long time ago but I simply allowed the membership to expire. My only reason for applying was the curiosity of how well I would do, but once I became a member I discovered that they had nothing really to offer me. It is always worthwhile to try something like this, if only for the purpose of satisfying your own doubts.