grand exchange

United States
April 16, 2008 7:24pm CST
do you like the grand exchange? i rather like the old way of trading. i also found it to be a better way to make money. if i had to rate the grand exchange on a scale i would give it a 3/10. what would you give it? explain your reasons.
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@kalidi (17)
• United States
25 Jun 08
I found the grand exchange ruined trading because remember at world one at varrock west bank is filled with people? and then there was section of that bank where the west bank northside (the outside) is where they sell like rares and god armor and east of the bank is where they sell rune armor and weapons i give the grand exchange a 0/10 =_=
@jxdos123 (122)
• Hong Kong
25 Jun 08
It is great for merchanting by price change.. e.g. santas and hweens cahnge by the 100ks. it aint good when its dropping of course but when it rises, its great. Before, people who don't know the price might get scammed and u get a cheap buy or a high sell, but for ppl whoh know, u could barely make 50-100k. Now, the price changes in the scale of Mils for some items. So I'd rate is 8/10.
@060157 (1059)
• Pakistan
21 Apr 08
yes i love the grand exchange since i dont like to wait when i sell of the loots that i get from the monsters. and the stuff that i put in the exchange sells almost instantly and at a good price.. yes some items have lost their values but i dont mind it that much really. i am a high level and train my slayer skill alot so therefore i always have good amount of loot to sell off and grand exchange saves me the time... yet i still feel that it has dented merchantry quite alot... but atleast the exchange ensures that some items arent sold at exceedingly high prices and saves from scams. i'd give it a good 9/10 (okay i deducted a mark for the poor ol' merchants)
• United States
19 Apr 08
I agree with you, what i do on runescape to make money is sell blue dragon scale for 1k or 2k each now with the grand exchange price blue dragon scale is only sold for 600gp. We should have a runescape grand exchange petition or something lol.
@yghfghl (259)
• United States
20 Apr 08
it would be better if they had the regular trade and the grand exchange.
• Singapore
20 Apr 08
7/10. One mark deducted from stale prices for the more expensive items. Another mark deducted for the price limit. The way i see it, players should be able to sell their items for any price and buyers should be able to post offers at any price. All GE needs to do then, is to match the offers. The last mark deducted is for the irregular update of prices. Jagex should most prob update prices every day at a certain time.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
19 Apr 08
10\10 f0r sure!!!!! anyway can i buy a membership with paypal without putting any credit card»??