Religious Doctrine and Brainwashing

@beijair (206)
United States
April 16, 2008 8:36pm CST
This is my first post and I realize it may be a sensitive subject for many. However, I believe that open and honest discussions around this topic are needed. Religious Doctrines: We have several God's and versions of Bibles in this world and over 300 denominations based on the Christian religion alone. Seems that all believe they have the one true God and yet none can provide evidence in support of their version of the All Mighty. We can reference the Christian Doctrine and compare it to the Scriptures and find an endless number of contradictions. I will spend more time providing that evidence in another post. Brainwashing: I believe that to raise a child into any religion, is brainwashing. The parent or adult takes the fragile mind of a child that can be told that Santa is real, or the tooth fairy and many believe Superman is real as well. So, adults take children to church every weekend, from birth. It provides a predictable outcome...correct? We are all born atheist with respect to any religion. However, we are taught or trained to be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and on and on. What free well choice is provided when a parent or adult gives the child but one option and then uses a threat of eternal torture by fire if they do not believe? Is free will involved in that process? Of course not, it is called brainwashing. The follow quote from a Christian Leader states it all: "Those who control what young people are TAUGHT, and what they EXPERIENCE - what they SEE, HEAR, THINK, BELIEVE-will determine the future course of the nation." James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family Clearly, they have an agenda and it is to CONTROL and brainwash the youth. Peace to All
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