helping others

April 17, 2008 1:57am CST
I WISH I COULD HELP OTHERS, BUT I HAVE SOME FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN OUR HOME.... My Dad, Retired a few years ago... he spend his retirment money in no nonsense ideas...instead of saving for the fute he spend in on a gambling investment.. until he lost all his retirement... Im now only working here in my family, part of the filipino culture is to be responsible.... I do pay all our household bills..the problem is my small salary... The Bank In which i work just provides a salary fit for a single person... Since I am Still single.. I need to stretch my earnings... in order that mu family will survive... Some time my brother and sister dont eat their lunch and dinner in order to save money for at least one day meal... My mother is a retired school teacher. she spend her retirement pay to pay for the house.. prices keep on soaring high. here in the philippines it is sometimes you cant budget the money you earn. My dad did look for a job.. to help me to earn money.. but no avail no one wants to hire him. due to his old age. I wish that I have at least 20,000.00 philippine pesos. to help set a small store here in our house to help in our family income.. so that we may survived..But Still I have to wait because I have many loans.. to pay .. I wish A miracle would come to help us...
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