Day Two of the Magic Machine

April 17, 2008 4:50pm CST
If you have read my post on the new machine that I have just recieved at my clinic you will know that I am doing a self trial. I went on it for the first time yesterday, you can have different colured LCD lights to give a variety of actions. I chose to use the red light because it says that this light helps to improve your skin tone, wrinkles spots etc. I say yes to that thought. When you put the machine on it has to be close to the skin and you can feel the ions on your face, like a cool breath. Its quite strange, I decided to stay on for 30 mins and nodded off, if was very relaxing although it does not sem to be doing anything. Afterwards it felt ok, I was relaxed but nothing radical. But when I went to bed I was really tired and fell asleep straight away, I woke up still feeling tired, and have felt tired all day. I know that this can happen as the machine removes toxins from the body and this is like the tired lethagy you get when detoxing. I am going on it tonight and will keep you posted tomorrow.
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