Maryland woman gives birth to rare quadruplets, 3 identical

@shakeroo (3990)
April 18, 2008 1:59am CST
What an amazing story this one is. I could not imagine a woman carrying 4 babies in her womb and got them out safe and healthy. On top of that, 3 of them are identical. A mother has given birth to a rare set of quadruplets in which three of the four boys are identical. The boys were born 11 weeks premature in January at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson. The parents plan to introduce themselves and their boys at a news conference Friday. There are fewer than 100 documented cases of "identical triplets plus one" in the United States, hospital officials said. What do you think of that? Can you imagine going through with the labor for 4 babies? Read more:;_ylt=AqbZJQpzksNvaWZoNZm_dpDtiBIF
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• Philippines
24 Apr 08
I think the is the best gift from God, a woman with 4 babies in the womb and delivered normally and the babies are healthy. I am sure they will leave a normal life when you look at them and you are like seeing four. Thank God for that blessing.
18 Apr 08
if im honest i dont think the labour would be that bad with 4, the pregnancy would be awfull yes, but i think i could cope with that also, what would worry me is having to care for 4 newborns at once! i think i would be off my trolley within a few days as i know how hard looking after 1 can be!