FAQs do u read them???????

United Arab Emirates
April 18, 2008 8:46am CST
well i once registered in a PTC site called lithium bux and i was getting so close to the 10$ payout but while iam surfing on mylot i posted a response on some make extra money discussion and i mentioned lithium bux but a friend commented on my post and told me that there is no money in that lithium bux and the money u make is only for advertisements purposes and told me to read the FAQs i was disappointed at that time and felt like i was scammed .... i don't know about u do u Read the FAQs when u sign up at similar Websites?????? and if u have any previous experiences like mine don't hesitate to share......
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@Skipp3R (22)
• Germany
18 Apr 08
i think its really important to read the FAQ's on sites where you get paid (the only kind of websites i read the FAQ's) cuz sometimes there are things like "you need to type an existing PayPal account" or you will not earn money (see www.depositfiles.com ) but on a forum it makes no sense to read it cuz there are only things like "no warez", "do not insult others", and so on ... its always the same;)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Apr 08
thanks alot for the point u have in here
@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
18 Apr 08
Though I know I should, I dont always read the FAQs
• United Arab Emirates
18 Apr 08
well u should my friend
@Asylum (48039)
• Manchester, England
20 Apr 08
I sometimes browse throgh the FAq section if there is something that I want an answer to, but i do not make a habit of reading such sections on a regular basis. I realise that it is prudent to read such sections but they usually contain a large amount of information that does not really interest anyone. This is a common practice that I expect we are all guilty of to some degree.
@Amber4106 (541)
• United States
19 Apr 08
I almost always read the FAQs even though I haven't went through anything like you before. I've read about many people getting scammed and warning others to be careful. But there are times where I just kind of skip all of the important things that I should read just because I'm eager to get started. :)