Survey of public opinion: What color are my eyes?

@Nykkee (2523)
April 18, 2008 2:06pm CST
Well the title pretty much says it all. I have never been entirely sure what color my eyes would be considered to be. Whenever I have had to fill out a survey or anything that asked for eye color I never know if I should put green or hazel or what. So I have taken a picture of my eyes and I will attach it to this discussion. Please take a look at the picture and then tell me, what color do you think my eyes are?
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@kezabelle (2984)
18 Apr 08
No I cant see any picture but both my girls their eyes are funny colours sometimes they are green or blue or brown but often they are deep grey they both have beautiful eyes and I find the coour depends on the weather the brighter and sunnier it is the more blue their eyes are when its dull they are more grey or with the youngest brown
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
19 Apr 08
Yeah I don't know what happened, the picture didn't attach when I first posted the discussion. It is there now, under the first response.
@rhane7315 (5670)
• Philippines
21 Apr 08
i guess the color of your eyes are hazel
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@twils2 (1812)
• United States
20 Apr 08
From looking at the picture above I would say hazel, the same color as my eyes by the way. Take care, Terry
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