WOW Rocks GOLD Spammers SUCK

United States
April 18, 2008 3:32pm CST
I love playing the game and enjoy it alot but then those dumb users out there who spam you to go to a website to buy gold of get your character levelled just really makes me soo angry and take the fun out of playing. Those people need to be permanently banned from the game and their websites shut down. If you cant play the game and earn your own money and levels then dont play the game. And those of you are the ones being greedy should really be ashamed of yourselves exploiting the game that way. Its already hard paying a subscription fee every month for enjoyment and you all go and ruin it. Thank Goodness for Mods because now I can block you guys permanently. Now that rocks.
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• United States
13 Aug 08
Every time I see one, I put them on my blocked list and report their ID name to the admin. They are gone faster than you know.
@shaara (77)
• China
27 Apr 08
Jeez, gold spammers are really annoying, they are just everwhere in main city, out of the banks, auction house, and even flightmasters O.o
@issacc20 (41)
• Poland
24 Apr 08
Yeah I hate gold spammers.. We did something funny to them with my friend though. He is a warlock and he summoned infernal. When we saw a spammer going to the capital, the infernal was relised and the spammer was killed^^
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
Well, you can just ignore them and play the game. But I have to agree with you, they're really annoying. Can you share that mod that blocks them please?
• United States
20 Apr 08
yeah but theres always more to take their place, come play on my favorite server, no spammers because its a private server.