My dogs are my babies.

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April 18, 2008 3:38pm CST
My dogs are the best friends that I could ever have. One is a lab/wolf combination her name is onyx and the little guy is american bull dog/pit bull and his name i Alvin.(my son names Alvin because he yhought we would be screa ALVIN!!!! every 10 and of course that's the way it went. These dogs are so special,Onyx is 6 y.o/Alvin is 1/Y. We are a circle of friends. At first Onyx did'nt really take to Alvin very well. You see, she was used to it being her and I all the time.I was taken off work in May of 05 . I had many things wrong with me ( maybe I'll get into that late) ,but at that time,it was onyx and I. My husband worked,as his usual shifts to keep us going and of course I had personal disabilty ins. that paid right away and helped kick up the income whrn I recieved Social Security. She is one of my best friens. We talked all day and played, and she was brushed about 4 times a day ( in between petties,goodies,cookies,chewies,play time. She's my 3rd child. She is laid back, sensitive, sweet, beatiful,and I think that she thinks she's the When I'm having a bad day, she knows. I don't know how she knows, but she surely won't leave my side. She lies down with me and just makes sure that I have her right there. It makes me feel better and safer with her here. Last winter,my youngest son,Markie,brought ome this absolutly gorgeous puppy, He is brown with white down the sides of his face and around his neck.ooohhh onyx is black with white socks and a white nose!!!.Anyways ,of course I fell completely in love. I haden't even acknowledged him yet and onyx raised up her nose at him and went to her bed to nap, she had no interest1lol. Markie recieved this puppy as a x-mas gift from his boss, and asked me to help him potty train him because I was the "potty trainer of the house"ha. Actually I wish they would come out potty trained! But he was just adorable and he seemed to get attached to me pretty fast. Of couse he liked to play and be cuddled. I tried to get onyx to come out. it was tearing me up with her not comming near me and Alvin. I kept taking him in the bedroom and introducing him, but eveytime I did that Onyx would leave the bedroom and go outside. I was devistated, I cried, Onyx was mine best friend and I wanted to give Alvin a life like she has because evey dog deserves that kind of life and I shared everything between. It was obviously real difficult because Alving had to be potty trained,so naturaly I has to watch him eal good so I could catch him going potty and do the "bad dog bad dog thing lol. But Alvin is now 1 and a half and he is learning real well that she has to share mommy. And Onyx loves to play now with Alvin because he's as big as her! and he loves to play and it's getter her just as much exercise and more fun than when it was just her and me. But she accepts in and loves it because she gained a friens and he was fully accepted and have been loved by a family. They are both the best friends I ever have had. I believes dogs have an extra strenth and they can find there owner anywhere tha't s good ,so every one just love an animal or two,or more. Especially if your alone and disabled!!! Freefogging
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18 Apr 08
The love of a dog is always 100% unconditional.They love you no matter what. One day in the next 30 years I would like to purchase a farm or home with many acres and have rescue site for aniamals of the domestic line from dogs,cats,cows horses chickens. Whatever the man upstairs decides to send my way. I am all for aniamal rights and am not completly vegetarian yet,but pretty much. I may have a meat product once every 4 or 5 months. Yeah I know still a little much. Your dog will always be at your door to greet you regardless of the day you have had,he will be ready for time with mom and dad. Usually this requires a good 30 minutes to an hour an if I am having the worst day ever,my dog will take care of the crabby mood. I not only have experienced this myself but I know many others feel the same about having terrible days ,they get home and the fur babies make everything okay again,as you probally know already. You are right dogs are very intelligent creatures,more than I think we know.