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April 18, 2008 10:28pm CST
Couple of hours ago, I was about to purchase the 100 referrals package and also premium upgrade from To make sure, I searched on Google and typed bux,to referrals package. The result wasn't so satisfying, the next thing happened is that I saw AlertPay discussion in I've never thought about that, I've been trusting AlertPay for months. Then I realized that all my payments from PTC sites will go to my AlertPay account. So, I did another research about AlertPay, and then it was very surprising. I know I'm not allowed to post links here so if you want proof, try to read some articles in talkgold forum, scam forum and so on you can find them on google. Most people said alertpay is a scam. Some of them couldnt withdraw the money to their bank accounts, and some of them lost the money they have already earned, even one people claimed that when he wanted to withdraw thousands of dollars from his balance suddenly alertpay suspended his account and he lost the money, And I started to think, why do all ptc sites use alertpay not paypal? paypal is way safer, and why does alertpay ask for so many requirements to get the account verified?it doesnt make any sense, and people also can't withdraw money from unverified accounts. Can anybody clear this up?Because if it really is a scam then our hardwork from whatever websites would be such a waste. I will be so relieved to hear some good news about alertpay. I dont want everything I've done turns into nothing. Thank you.
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• Thailand
24 May 08
That's very interesting point that I did not ever think about it before. However, I have an account on AleartPay but the balance is still $0.00 since I just start to earn extra money from those program. For your concern, I think you could transfer or exchange the fund from AlertPay into other form may be paypal or E-gold.