I need to vent!

@podqueen (341)
April 19, 2008 8:51am CST
I am so fed up with the attitude of my manager lately. He is unbelievably lazy and off loads his work to the rest of the team. Our department is going through a lot of changes at the moment and the work load has become very pressured with people screaming that this and that hasn't been done. Usually our team copes very well as we're all very efficient at our work and well organised but last week a lot of the staff were on leave or sick so he started to offload all his work onto me, just because he can't be bothered to do it himself! He claims that he needs my help because he's so busy. Ha! He spends most of the working day glued to his Blackberry or desk phone and makes a 2 minute phone call last 30 minutes! Other sections of our office have noticed this as well as the team itself and we're all pissed off about it. He's a complete waste of space, time and money and I can't understand why he still has a job with the company. Some people who have worked with him longer than I have said that he does a lot of a*se licking and that's why he's still employed. I am absolutely dreading Monday as I know he's going to give me even more crap to do. What annoys me the most is that because the team is good at their job it makes him seem like a good manager, so in a way we're making HIM look good by doing all the work and meeting all the deadlines! How is that fair? Arrrghhhhh! So infuriating! Do any of you work with someone like that? If so, how the hell do you keep sane or stop yourself telling the person EXACTLY what you think of them? Please feel free to share your rants with me.
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@Badams (89)
• Canada
19 Apr 08
I think alot of jobs are like that though. Currently my supervisor is considering leaving because of the "work load", what he doesnt realize is that I do 80% of his work plus my job on top of that. Im glad to know that Im not the only one in this position however it does suck. The only thing that really stops me from telling him where to stick it is because we are very good friends outside of work... Hope things get better for you!