April 19, 2008 10:56am CST
do you think cheating is a good way to pass the exams??? im a student im 16 years old and i would like to share our opinions about cheating at your comments and i hope we get a conclusion about"cheating in exams"if u think cheating is good you an also share the ways u cheat in the exams!
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@pree_6 (434)
• India
19 Apr 08
cheating does not help in any a better way is to read and write whatever a person knows and be happy about the marks secured out of genuineness... cheating also needs talent and if some other person finds that ur cheating ur put in embrassing its better to be genuine,moreover stick to our consciousness and be true to ourselves..according to me its better to get a zero instead of cheating n getting a decent score...hardwork and truth are always rewarded..
• Portugal
19 Apr 08
ill say my example..i have a bio teste this week and i dont wana be anything in a future that has to do in biology so i think im gona cheat thsi test....justs helps me anyway ill try to learn also not onli cheatting.. :)thats cool e think because u can learn in cheating...many times i wright cheats for the exams and i look so many times at them before exam that i dont use them in the exam lol
• Pakistan
19 Apr 08
some times cheating is good as the person who has not studied anything gets better grades than the person who studied alot . this is not fair .so the person who has studied more can ask from someone the answer to which he doesnt know.
• United States
19 Apr 08
I think the only thing that cheating gets is a passing grade. You didnt learn the information, as you cheated, so it will be of little use to you in the future, should you ever need to use the information you didnt learn. Also I think cheating is just plain lazy.
@jesbellaine (4155)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
I will not deny that I cheat sometimes like homeworks or in surprised quizzes but in exams? No, as much as possible don't cheat on exams because it will not feel any better to get a passing or good remarks because you cheated. You need to study hard so that you earn what you deserve in those exams. Goodluck!
@rombi001 (943)
19 Apr 08
Imagine if you were the person who has been studying for 4 days for that exam, and someone who is sitting next to you has no clue what the test is about.. Do you think he deserves the grade that you have earned?? Cheating is definately not a good way to pass the exams!
@kezabelle (2984)
19 Apr 08
Cheating might be an EASY way to pass your examns but its not a GOOD way definatley not.