Thoughts of the day.....

United States
April 19, 2008 7:26pm CST
Another day has gone by and nothing different. But wait now that I think about it everything was different today... Each little thing we take for granted becomes different, from the daily run to the coffee shop to get that energy boost we all so long for when we get up hoping it will get us through the day, and mundane is this? Going to the same job day after day, in the same office in the same cubicle, on the same computer, we work our happy little butts off unknowingly worshiping the ground our bosses walk on. Praying we don't do something wrong, and getting what is possibly the only attention we will ever get from the boss...a reprimand... No thank you for all the hard work you have put in all the years you have worked under them, no appreciations except maybe the company Christmas party, or company picnic where they stand up and give their gratitude for all of our hard work we put in this quarter or year or what ever the event may be for.... As secure as the biweekly paycheck maybe with the limited benefits that follow after a year or 6 months of work for that $20 co-pay at the doctors office to find out that your newly acquired health insurance, garnished from your check doesn't cover the costly hospital visits you will have to be making. Which is why I no longer want to let myself become what I like to call a "corporate puppet".
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