shouldn't it come with that??!!

April 20, 2008 2:50am CST
I just bought a new printer the other day, a three in one, thought great. I got it £75 less than its original mark up as well. I unpack it ready to set it up and lo behold there is no USB lead in there!! I take it back, and apparently i need to buy that seperately! Why would anyone sell a printer that you can't attach to the computer striaght away, am i expecting too much? is it too much to expect to be able to imediattly use something i just bought? I'd be interested in knowing whether anyone else has made a purchuse like this
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@howard96h (11641)
• New York, New York
20 Apr 08
My brother recently bought a printer and it has no cable in there either, he had to buy it separately. This makes no sense to me at all.
20 Apr 08
it really doesn't does does it! Seems to me to be a very important piece of the printer, but hey would do we know eh
• United States
20 Apr 08
yup, thats happened to me. and its very frustrating! i agree with bring it home, set it up, have everything you need to get it working right then and there! i have learned that they do say that you have to buy the stupid USB seperatly somewhere in little itty bitty letters, on the box. but when shopping for the printer/product, you're always excited to get it home and try it out! i understand not coming with paper. but they always put an ink cartridge in there, why cant they give you the damn cables you need too?!
20 Apr 08
Isn't it ridiclous!! there was no mention of it on the box, but when i took it back the assisstant went through the paperwork inside it and in a small caption somewhere admist the rest it said- purchuse USB if not supplied. even the assisstant thought it was stupid, so that made me feel a little better but not a lot
@deebomb (15314)
• United States
23 Jul 08
I just bought a new printer and learned that I had to buy the USB cord too. They get you every way that they can. I did buy the cord but when I got home I found that the one to my old printer would work so the new one went back to the store. The computer was $69.00 and the cord was $19.95. Thats a lot for a silly cord. So next time I'll take my old USB cord with me to see if I really need a different one.