New furniture vs. old/used furniture. Which do you think is better quality?

@dandj929 (424)
United States
April 20, 2008 7:08am CST
We are moving in about a month into a much larger house and have been furniture shopping for pieces to fill up the house. We are looking for a dining room set, kitchen table set, miscellaneous chairs, tables, etc. Last weekend we visited several new furniture stores. I was so disappointed in the quality of the furniture they were selling and at super high prices. I felt very discouraged. I don't want to pay outrageous prices for furniture that won't last. Then during the week I stopped at a little antique shop near my home. I was so surprised at how well older furniture was built. And the prices were so cheap!! We have decided to purchase all used/antique furniture. If it needs a little work, we're fine with that, we will fix up what needs to be fixed up. The woods are strong and the craftsmenship of the pieces can't be beat. Plus older furniture has so much more "style" then the new furniture you find at retail furniture stores. Plus we will be giving a local family-run store some great business. I will pass on the word to any of my friends that older furniture is the way to go. So, how do you feel about purchasing older/antique furniture for your home? Which do you think is better quality. New or old? Please share your experiences/stories. Thank you!
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@ruby222 (4848)
20 Apr 08
We only have a tiny we need very little furniture..but I like going to the general in the UK...and I often just go and have a browse...the furniture auction is always the first part...and when you look around at the amazing amount of well built ..quality furniture its amazing.... Ok granted some of it is old...but beautifully made...and a good polish to shine it up and you would have furniture in you home for tiny prices that would last a lifetime!! The flatpack furniture..ive had good..well priced..but if you have to take it apart to move house it doesnt go back together very well again. I had a lovley table that i bought..a flatpack...with lots of little drawers in it...but we moved house...and dismantle it to move...when we went to put it together sadly fell apart!! So i said to hubby if in the future we ever neeed to buy any furniture we would go to the local auction house...