wildi :( vs bounty hunter

April 20, 2008 9:37am CST
what do you think about the bounty hunter?? was wildi better??what shoudl jagex do to improve bounty hunter since they dont give the old wildi back??share your opinion with us!
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@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
21 Apr 08
i wasnt into pking at all... just tried it out once a month just for a change... and i played that bounty hunter and it plain sucked! if they really want to make things better, i'd say they make a bigger and better looking bounty hunter area and with some monsters in it where one can train... i think the good thing about the wildy was that it had some monster that some players used to train on but they had to keep a lookout for pkers at the same time... well cant really give much more of what i think about this topic.. since i wasnt into pking..
• Portugal
21 Apr 08
thanks for commenting
22 Dec 08
Jagex already made some steps to make bounty hunter better and they made clan wars so clans can fight too. Now there are pvp world where players can fight with each other the same way as in the good old wilderness. Pvp is better, it is more fair because you can kill players that are 15% stronger or weaker than you . There are greater rewards like corrupt dragon armor and some other drops. Members can get the best armors in game (but they last only 1 hour before they dissapear) that have 78 level requirements so only the best player can afford them and use them. Happy Myloting!
• Australia
2 Oct 08
i absolutley hate bounty hunter, its plain pointless, its nothing like reall pking, and that time limt is really enoying it hard to get a good kill! the qildy was definatley better, but i never made any money from it because i was just starting to pk, and then when i i was high enough level, they took it away. dont really care about the wildy, i just liked it for fun. Espeacially if your a member there are heaps better things to do as a mem then waste your time as a member. I would have definatley recomended the wildy for non members though, but now all we have are memories to pass on to new players. But now, because of that new pvp thing, that is going to be heaops better then that wildy. Its going to be every where, imagine killing people just any where! it will be great fun!
• United States
27 Jul 08
Wildy owned.Thats how I made money.I loved pking,It was my favorite thing about runescape.That was there worst idea,taking away wildy.
• United States
13 Jul 08
The wild was way better, bounty hunter sucks so much i hate it, if they had to get rid of something and add something instead of bounty hunter they should have added a minigame where you kill monstors and go to the next level and you get items.