Do you take part in lotteries....?

@p_vadla (1687)
April 20, 2008 10:27am CST
..and what is your experience ? Have you ever won a draw of lots for money or gifts ? I try draw of lots but I never in my life won one.
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@Coletx (45)
• United States
22 Apr 08
I try the little one's sometimes but never win :( I don't do lotteries because the government is going to take half of it anyway.
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
21 Apr 08
i sometimes join the lottery but i don't do it often since i feel like i will just waste my money into gambling, of course we all want to have instant millions in our pocket and if you won in the lottery your dreams will come true. but our chance of winning is a ration of millions:1 or 3, making it appear as impossible. the idea of being instant millionaire when you won the jackpot is thrilling but i think we should not make it a center of our priorities and forsake the far important things.
• Pakistan
20 Apr 08
i take part in very few lotteries because i never them.i think it is a waste of time .you should put more time on earning yourself then on earning from lotteries.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
20 Apr 08
i normaly dont cause i think the problably to win is like 1 of 10000000 mil and ull loose everyweek 5 euros i dont play it..but if i would won it i owuld invest on soemthing usefull to the world ;)
@Marg12 (329)
• United States
20 Apr 08
I have only been in a couple of lotteries, and have won something in one of them. I bought 5 tickets on a program on the internet and actually won 20 dollars I think. So that was fun and very surprising. Entered it again and of course didn't win anything. Don't know what the draw of lots is, but would probably try it if I knew how to do it.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
20 Apr 08
yes do from time to time. I won a huge teddybear when I was three. After that I hae won only small things, og small amounts of money. I won 100 dollars once - that is the largest amount
@inked4life (4226)
• United States
20 Apr 08
I generally don't as I don't have that much disposable income to toss away on lottery tickets, but when the jackpot creeps up over the $100 million mark, which it frequently does with Mega Millions, the temptation becomes a l;ittle too much. Haven't had much luck, the odd free ticket or $10 payout is about the extent of my winnings.