What are we striving to inspire and awaken in others ?

@DudaYLen (219)
April 20, 2008 12:26pm CST
What, with our actions, deeds, words, choices are we seeking to inspire and awaken in others? What responses are we endeavoring to create with our behaviors, gestures, language, body language, manifestations and image? What are we putting out there for those who meet us, see us, hear us or respond to us,and what are we seeking to communicate to them? What need in us are we seeking to fulfill? Are we seeking to met a mutual need- hoping to find someone who can fill our needs and whose needs we can fulfill ourselves? Are we looking for our completion in another- THROUGH another? Is it consistent? Is it the same? Does it change? What changes? Why? What is the different need we are seeking depending on whom beholds or interacts with us? Why? What would we like to receive in return? Is the need particular to them or is it projected on them? Is it a need we could fulfill in us for ourselves? How? Why? Why not? What would we like them to know about us or what experience would we like to create in them? What do we do- what will we do- when we get that? What next? What are we doing with our time, life, awareness, sentence, consciousness and energy in the world??? What are we striving to create and inspire in others.
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@natliegleb (5182)
• India
2 Dec 12
we are trying to reach our goals and meet the expectations and work towards the ultimate goal and inspire others ,presentation and also make sure we leave a mark in others,its just a matter of time.With zeal addiction we can reach the top
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
So true. There seems a time for everything for all of us ... a time to inspire and a time to be inspired ... perhaps even a time to be discouraged and a time to find new hope ... perhaps a web site http://road5.webpowerph.com/bbpress can be instrumental also in helping others ... by helping people who have lost something or complaining about something that can be corrected What do you think ?