Where do you hang out in order to look for your soulmate?

@Faye88 (1009)
April 20, 2008 8:29pm CST
For those who have not found that special someone (gf/bf)Where do you all hang out so as to find the suitable person that you like to be your friend/gf/bf?
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• United States
21 Apr 08
I dont really fit into your category of requested respondents, but i do have an opinion. you should hang out where you want to hang out. if you like to be at the park, then go to the park, alone, with friends, whatever. You like music? go to the concerts you like. Stop looking (meant as a suggestion not a command *giggle*) And please keep in mind, i was like you a few years ago, always searching, hoping, getting all pretty no matter where you are headed (more so than usual i mean). The i got so caught up with work and dealing with the drama with my roommates, i didnt ahve the energy to keep looking. soon after that, i found my husband of so far 6 years. im not saying this is a "guarenteed soul mate within 2 months" kind of plan, but youll be happier discovering who you are and gaining independence. And it appears ive stepped up on my soapbox again *blush* Ill get down now.
@Faye88 (1009)
• Singapore
4 Sep 08
That's a great experience you have.Thanks for sharing :).I will keep that in mind.