Will u get together

April 20, 2008 8:47pm CST
you two guys loved and still love each other, but somehow you broke up. now that years have passed, you still consider him/her your best match. will you go back and get together. or will you let it go even if you couldn't help missing him/her? talk freely about your perceptives
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• Philippines
31 May 08
I will try to get to talk to him. And from there I'll see if we still have a future. Sometimes love is not enough to rekindle a relationship. Commitment and willingness should come from both parties involved. You should think of a good approach to this guy so it won't look point blank that you want a reconcialiation. Just let him know that you're available and would love to hang out with him. If he's interested things will start from there. Once you are hanging out with him show him that the traits he didn't like about you before have changed, and that the qualities that he loved about you are still there. Good luck okay? I hope things will turn out well.
• China
1 Jun 08
Thanks, weepinwillow, i thought that he still loves me, but it was only i thought. He fell in love with another lady and they've already got together, that's sad for me to know about this. Love changes faster than i had expected. Anyway he has to have his own life, i have to have mine too. Just keep going and be happy. I know i will. **Enjoy life~~**
@aiyreen (286)
• Philippines
9 May 08
i'll grab the opportunity and talk to him/her about it
• China
15 May 08
I think so, but when it comes to the talk, i can hardly speak anything about reunite. I keep thinking that does he still care about me? Even if he still cares about me, does he want to reunite to have a new beginning of our relationship. Maybe he hates me to break up with him. Maybe he's singal, but he has affection for another lady, who knows? I'm just afraid.
@dawnald (84199)
• Shingle Springs, California
21 Apr 08
If I were single and he were single, I'd contact him and see how it went...
• China
21 Apr 08
yeah, maybe it's right. Thanks