The great musical genre debate

@gcrew931 (229)
April 20, 2008 10:10pm CST
This has been going on for the longest time so might as well ask it. Which is better Hip hop or Rock? I think both musical genre are good it's just a matter of choice. So tell me which musical genre you prefer? Of course you are going to have to defend your position? You also have to tell me why the other genre is more inferior than the other. This is just a forum so don't fight each other ok? let the games begin!
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@dierdre (2207)
• Philippines
26 Apr 08
i equally love and prefer both genres although some of my friends and people that i know are really partial to one type of music only (alternative and rock) and it really depends on the person's taste amd mood to what music is better.
@Corgar (29)
26 Apr 08
If you ask me. neither is better. both ahve their good sides and it depends on the eprson listening completely. it is all personal preference.
@Mirsya (520)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 08
That depends on everyone's taste. I think each has their own fans. Even though I am a rock lover, I don't think hip hop is bad. But still, I love rock because they are skilled in playing music instruments. However, if you love hip hop, that's ok.
@lisan23 (444)
• United States
21 Apr 08
Rock. Hip hop requires no real talent other than the ability to talk fast. Sure, you have to mix a track, but that doesn't require you learning any type of instrument at all. I've been able to mix tracks, it's really not that hard. On the other hand, rock requires the knowledge of music - knowing notes, treble and bass clefs, actual singing, playing of real instruments. Years of practice go into most rock bands, while someone in the hip hop industry doesn't need the same in depth training to make a hit song. I don't think a lot of hip hop artists actually know much about music itself, they just know about hip hop. On the other hand, rock musicians often can play more than one instrument and have a true knowledge of what music is. (Of course, there are exceptions to this.)