Taxes - A country's right or a citizen's burden

@cyrux004 (949)
August 18, 2006 11:34am CST
We are all aware of the soaring taxes we face today. Taxes are basically a coutnry's income from its citizens that is supposed to be to utilised in coutnry;s development for building roads,bridges,schools hosipitals etc. Citizen's should abide and pay these taxes by time but with so many kinds of new taxes that are coming to picture these it now feels as a burden to a common man. Some places in US like california have upto 40% tax that is like a complete rip off. I feel there must be some kind of upper limit to this taxation. There must be a single rule followed every where for tax I feel the ideal tax rate is 20%..what do you people have to say
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@Snooze (610)
• United States
19 Aug 06
I don't think taxes are high enough. This country has an insurmountable debt. The conservatives have outspent the "tax and spend" democrats. Higher taxes would allow us to prepare for and probably prevent disasters like Katrina. It would provide research money to develop alternate sources of energy, it would at least balance the budget if not work down the debt a bit, and it would afford our troops the protective gear they need. Bush and his dittoheads in the house and senate have sold their party on the idea that sacrifice is bad. Un-huh. Sacrifice is what made this country what it was up until recently.
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
18 Aug 06
As rightly said taxes are meant to meet expenses on development activities. Amount collected from taxes are used to pay the salaries. Do you know there are many countries that of the revenues thus collected from taxes, 60 to 70% goes for salaries to public servants. Of the balance 30% goes for development. Again out of this 30%, 10% will go for kickbacks. God save our governments.
@asa010 (1129)
• India
18 Aug 06
well i heard of these taxes of USA...40% man its too much,there is tax for road usage,for walking in a particilar wonder soon it will be on air we breath too.i really feel government should cut down taxes...afterall its a develpoed country...why does it need more should consider common people too.