How often you are select BR for you discussion

@anujain75 (1059)
April 20, 2008 11:01pm CST
Do you marked best response for every discussion you have start?
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@rhane7315 (5655)
• Philippines
26 Apr 08
i haven't give some of my discussions as a best response yet because i'm still finding the best opinion that i can get from my responders
@98765m (1017)
• India
21 Apr 08
Yes,I almost mark the best response to almost all my discussions. I only leave the discussion unmarked for the best response,only if none of the responses are not worthy enough. But,almost all the time,I do receive many worthy responses. What I take into my mind while marking the best response is #Was it helpful to me? #Did it say some thing I didn't know? ..Etc Cheers! Have a nice day Happy mylotting and happy earnings.
@dpk262006 (58675)
• Delhi, India
21 Apr 08
Yes, I definitely mark the best response in the discussions started by me. But I wait for few weeks before finally taking a decision. I have seen some of the members marking a best response on the same day of starting a discussion. However, I do not so so. I feel there are many members who take time to responsd my discussions, due to one reason or another.
@Kecia08 (554)
• United States
21 Apr 08
I have most best responses on all my discussions except two of them. One never go any responses, and the other got only one, but it wasn't really related to the thread...