can soeone help with male health question?

@paulw33 (297)
United States
April 21, 2008 3:56am CST
hello im a 33 year old male and i have been haveing someproblems with pain in my testies and it shoots down my legs alot of times i also recently have had lower back pain i have went to the hospital a few times the firt time i went they did a ultra sound of my testies they said i had fluid around them and cysts and that one was swollen and thats bassically it hey sent me home then i went againabout 6 months later they did the ultra sound again and it came out the same they also did a test with a light where they shine it through and if it shines thu then it good if it dont i guess it is supose to man its bad and it didnt shine thru they again said i had cysts and nothing changed then not the doctor but the nurse gave me my release papers and said everything is the same that there had to be something wrong and i was only 33 and to young to die of cancer so what do you think?does anyone out there know about this stuff? has anyone out thee had testical cancer that might be able to give me ahint tat that is what it is?you see im a single working dad that cant afford health insurance for yself so i cant even go back to the doctors can someone help me get my question answered thanks paulw33
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@kezabelle (2980)
21 Apr 08
Seriously if they thought you had cancer they would have asked you to start treatment for it, health insurance or not they are obliged to tell you if you have cancer. Cysts are quite common and again if they thought they needed removing they would have told you.
@paulw33 (297)
• United States
23 Apr 08
sorry it took so long for a comment to this been busy but anyways the hospitals out here are very stupid they do test tell you something is wrong then send you on your merry way and without insurance will not do anyfurther testing everything on the web md and the healthline dot come add up to cancer i have alot of the symptons thats all i was saying wated to see if someone out there ever had testical caner so they could tell me what it was like and kind of compare the symptons but thanks for the response have a nice day