finding a job

April 21, 2008 1:28pm CST
Is anyone else having trouble trying to find a job? I want to work from home so bad. But until I find something like that, I have been applying everywhere and cannot even get an interview...
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@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
27 Apr 08
My Fiance and I really want to make money from home so that they we never have to be away from each other, but it's proving to be hard. I am looking very hard for something that I can do to help him, as he does not like doing the research. I haven't really found anything that I feel would be fun or a quick and easy profit. There are many different ways to make a little bit of cash online, but you have to be willing to save a lot of it so that it really adds up. I wouldn't fall for the gimmicks, and would research the topic as thoroughly as possible before deciding to decline or accept the offer. Do not fall for websites that let you talk to a live operator, or if you do make sure that the person is not a computer and that you are able to negotiate or get alot of feedback if need be. Try delving into advice giving or forum posting as that seems to be the easiest thing. Stay here on mylot and if you work hard you will see your earnings grow.
@busta1 (1029)
• United States
27 Apr 08
well it depends on what you really know to do on the internet i do graphic so i make a couple buckz a day all depends on what im working on and who need's me to make there graphicz but good luck with that cheerz
@Bluepatch (2480)
• Trinidad And Tobago
21 Apr 08
I am now 57 years old and my entire life I have wanted to get a better job. I've been working in shipping for about 20 years and only once was I satisfied with my work. I have held lots of jobs since I started working in 1969 and just about the only really sure way to get through is to know somebody. Here's two ideas for some good cash. 1) Rent a small place downtown, buy 2 large cooking pots and a 2 burner stove with a cylinder of gas, go to the market someplace, buy your stuff and cook some soup. At $ 10.00 for a styrofoam container of soup with about 30 or 40 sales from each pot that $ 600.00 to $ 800.00 per day, 2) If you have a hundred bucks go to a wholesaler and buy an assortment of anything that has a profit of about $ 2.00 each and go around town to all the small shops and sell. A couple hundred bucks a day and tired feet are worth it. Your own business in a nutshell. I have friends who did this. Good Luck !