Do You Own Something a Celebrity Once Owned?

United States
April 21, 2008 10:52pm CST
I was curious as to whether or not any of you MyLotters own anything a celebrity used to own? For me, I now own part of Tiny Tim's personal estate. Amongst the things I've received, are two of his wallets; one is very used - you can tell it was his favorite. :o) I also own quite a few of his checkbooks, one of his winter coats, his Bible, rosary beads, old fan mail, old birthday cards and get well cards, etc., and two of his rings - one of which he is pictured wearing! I also own his hospital ID bracelet from the first time he had a heart attack and fainted and fell off stage. (The second heart attack killed him, a few months later, in November). I also own a sweater of his, as well as a dress shirt and a set of his p.js! I received a bunch of stuff from his estate - this is not even half of it! I was wondering if anyone else owns things that belonged to a celebrity at one time. It would be really neat to hear what you guys have. :o)
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