Adam & Eve had 2 sons, where did the rest of us come from?

April 22, 2008 2:35am CST
According to religion, Adam and Eve were the start of all creation, right? OK, so they had 2 sons, one of which killed the other, right? Well, my question then is .... where did the rest of us come from??
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22 Apr 08
Before that was my question too. But nobody knows the answer, so I carefully read the bible and found out the there are group of people that God first created but they were bought to different places. But they become sinners, greed, and war-minded, so the God created Adam and Eve and place them to a certain Land that supposedly will only build goodness, no malice , and will take care to the Pradise of God. But the devil changed all this, and they both throw away and they live with the same people because the already sinners.
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22 Apr 08
Thank you for asking the question I couldn't get an answer to from my Philosophy of the Bible class. He was a minister and he couldn't answer my question, along with the one about how come dinosaurs aren't in the Bible since God was supposed to make everything. The other thing is the one off spring of Adam and Eve went out into the world and found other humans...where did they come from???? If they came from Adam and Eve, when did either of them get sleep???? Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian, but I have these questions that bother me. Of course I am known for wanting answers to strange questions, like "how do snakes mate?" I finally got the answer to that one from Animal Planet. But wondering where we all came from is one that I haven't ever gotten an answer to.