How to bypass Fatigue?

April 22, 2008 3:12am CST
If you want to accomplish more and tire yourself less, So i have some tips.. 1. A half-hour nap can equal three hours sleep. 2. relax before you sleep 3.standing is more tiring than walking. 4. complete your difficut job first. from the above four things i do only two things (2nd and the 4th one). 1st thing i cant becoz my dog dont allow me to take a small nap. 3rd thing if i have to wait for someone, first i will search a place to sit. :)) What about you all? Do you have simple tips to bypass the fatigue? please share. enjoy:)
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@goergineo (1498)
• Jordan
22 Apr 08
I would suggest taking a hot shower. that relaxes me most. It is just refreshing and it is the most important in my opinion.
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@Emmaglet (78)
22 Apr 08
Thank you, some excellent advice. I would also like to add drinking water to the list. I hardly drink enough, but lately I have been and it really helps me to combat fatigue.
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• Indonesia
22 Apr 08
thx for sharing your knowledge. that's helpful. sometimes i do point 1. you can also practice an exercise or doing yoga.
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• Philippines
7 Dec 08
I think sleeping enough is really important. :) And to avoid monotony: a varied diet will be more likely to provide the nutritive elements you need to conserve your energy:) Don't neglect physical exercise. ^__^
@paid2write (5202)
22 Apr 08
I don't usually begin to feel fatigued until the evening. I often wake after a nap and feel refreshed, which is a disadvantage if I am in bed and trying to sleep properly! I agree it is best to relax before going to bed so you will sleep better. I do find standing more tiring than walking. I can walk all day without feeling too weary but if I stand for an hour or more my legs get tired. I try to do important work early in the day because I know I will start to feel tired later on.