Your Summer Activities For This Year

April 22, 2008 3:28am CST
Summer is already here in the Philippines, and will be coming soon to the other countries (like the US). Most of us plan to troop to the nearest beach on the weekend, while those who are on a summer break from their schools plan to either travel, spend more time in the beach, party, and etcetera etcetera. Every summer for me is a chance to do something creative. I take a lot of pictures every summer because of the clarity of the pictures because of the light. Aside from that, this year I took Oil Painting classes in UP Diliman ... which I am extremely enjoying. But like most of us, I also plan to hit the beach and party!!! So what are you guys doing or planning to do this summer?
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@gcrew931 (230)
• Philippines
22 Apr 08
Summer is usually shorter here in california compared to the philippines. I lived there for a while so I have an idea of how summer is really stretched there. I guess, if it is already summer here the first thing I do is to catch some sleep. I mean, a lot of them. I've been missing a lot of sleep because I was pulling an all nighter for school. It really makes me feel like a sleep deprived zombie so what I'd do is reall catch up on getting 8 to 10 hours of quality slumber. I'd also like to try to learn how to cook traditional dishes to get back to my Filipino roots. I've been wanting to try "balot" for the longest time so yeah I hope to comeback to the Philippines and try it out.
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
Yes, sleep is a great activity for the sleep-deprived. Hehehe! But then it's too hot to get a good night sleep these past few weeks. I dunno, global warming at it's vilest I guess. What is with you guys and Balot?!! Hehehe. Trust me, it's safe. You have to try one ... once in your life. You might even like it. Happy MyLotting!