Time giant star Li Xiaolong blography synopsis

April 22, 2008 4:35am CST
Li Xiaolong was born in the American San Francisco,his childhood and the youth were pass in HongKong.the Li Xiaolong in childhood body is emaciated.His father is strong for son's body and spirit,when his 7years old then teaches its practice Taijiquan.LiXiaolong when 13years old follows the famous teacher leaf to ask that studied systematically chanted spring the fist,and supposed a wooden stake in the home,every day treated the wooden stake to practice ceaselessly industriously,in additon,he also practices Hong Quan,the white crane fist.fists and so on Tan Tui,Shaolin boxing,stamp foot to plant,to afterward the homemade truncation fist road have built the solid foundation.to raise the art of attkck and defense level,Li Xiaolong besides the industrious custom China skill at martial arts,but also studies the western fist's Chinese boxing,one side him participates in the Western fist training class,at the same time saves the pocket money purchase world boxing champion Lu Yishi's sparring match documentary film,studies boxing champion's step,the carriage,the Chinese boxing and the training method,he also frequently attends the school inside and outside boxing competition,uncesingly rich actualcombat expenrience.
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