Should kids always be given a present?

April 22, 2008 6:16am CST
Eveytime I see my grandchildren they expect a present.Do yours?
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@dandj929 (423)
• United States
22 Apr 08
My mother only lives ten minutes away so my daughter sees her all the time. My mom started this thing where she leaves a litte present on the "kiddie" table at her house so when my daughter comes over there is always a surprise there for her. I told my mom to stop, but she refuses and says she gets all the little surprises (stickers, crayons, coloring books, books) at the dollar store. My mom only does it because she loves my daughter and wants to give her the world. So I have learned to just leave it alone. When I see the smile on my daughter's face when she get these surprises, it makes my mom happy and so it makes me happy too.
22 Apr 08
Thats sweet,and as the things are only a few dollars well thats good.But sometimes my daughter has said that my grandson wants a present and its one costing a lot.But im happy to go to the cheap store and get crayons and books etc.My grandson loves little men,any men will do .He loves to stand them all up in sa line and then pretend they are doing battle.We are going to look after him this coming weekend and im going to go to the cheapy store and see what I can find for him there.They have lots of good things,he likes to crayon and colour in ,he loves to paint but he gets in such a mess,and he wants me to do the painting woith him .I live a bit more than ten minutes away,it takes about twentyfive minutes in the car,so I dont go as often as your Mum would see yours,but I enjoy going and lookinf after him,its fun.