This is for college students (international or local) that want to make money!

United States
April 22, 2008 9:26am CST
Hello fellow friends. This goes out to all the college students that really would like to make an income but can't find a job or doesn't want to leave home. I am a full time college student myself and I had to do something that could support me and my family. I work for a company called Procard International ( and it's so wonderful. I work whenever I want and the work is very easy. All I do is e-mail and/or call back potential customers and activate their accounts or sign them up to work with me. I need AT LEAST 30 people (or students) to sign up with me. You are never alone with Procard. Their customer service is excellent and fellow associates will help you. Plus if you sign under me, I'll be your sponsor and I will never leave you stranded. If you look them up on the BBB website, you will see that they are legitimate. They are not A SCAM. There is no investment and it's ideal for everyone. Please contact me at for more info or if you want to start working right away! Thanks and have a good day!
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