So sad come and give me a hug.

United States
April 22, 2008 8:33pm CST
Okay so I thought I heard something on the CW11 last night and i though that they were kidding. They said that they would take away the episodes of Gossip Girl from online. Then I heard about it today again on the website. I am really sad because of this. I am so stressed right now that I think I am going to cry. Some of you guys may think it's stupid but I just feel so tired and now this is happening. So the problem is that there is only one T.V. in the house and since my mother watches her spanish shows I really don't get to watch any of my english shows. So most of her Spanish shows conflict with most of the shows that I watch. So I let her watch her shows and I'll just catch up later online all the shows that I haven' watched. I also have class and homework and I can't watch my shows even if my mother wasn't watching her show one day. Another problem is that I don't want my siblings to watch the shows that I watch especially gossip girl because it has inappropriate things. I've been a fan of Gossip Girl for a long time because I've read the books and everything. I think it's really dumb for the CW to do this because they don't take into consideration all of the students that may have classes at night or that work at night. They should count all of the people that go online to see it and they will see that it is a lot of people. I also think that most of these people going online to see this show are also people that actually see it on T.V. I just hope that they don't start taking of other shows or anything like that because that will make me even more sad. I don't really mind buying it from Itunes If I have money. But I don't have enough money to buy episodes of all of my favorite shows which are a lot. I actually bought all of the episodes from the show Greek before the strike and I didn't mind. But these people need to take into consideration people like me. Sorry for blabbing on but I really needed to get this off of my chest. I think this is the largest discussion I've ever started. Thanks for all who are supporting me with this and those who think I'm stupid...well please let me be because I am tired and really stressed right now. I actually think I am going to have a nervous breakdown or something. ^_^
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