Do you use natural remedies?

April 23, 2008 2:56am CST
Many people are turning to natural remedies as a way of keeping healthy and reducing stress and expense at conventional medical centre. That's not to say doctors don't count any more but natural remedies can be seen as a complementary regime alongside conventional cures. Pregnant women in particular should be wary of some herbal remedies. Cabbage leaves steeped in hot water can reduce bruising, eating a handful of cherries ill counteract gout, tea made from yarrow will sweat out a fever, cabbage juice is effective against stomach ulcers, chewing parsley will freshen the breath, dandelion tea is a stronmg diuretic and will help flush kidney stones, nettle tea is similar and is said to be good for prostate conditions, and blackberry tea will help settle diarrhoea. What's your experince with these?
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• China
24 Apr 08
I only have drunk the soup made from tomato and egg.It's said to be good for prostate ailment.As to what you mentioned in your discussion that I have never tried it.But I think some of them are good for our health and others are not.Now I also have some new knowledge about this way of natural remedies.I admire your life experience specially.
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@gemini_rose (16192)
23 Apr 08
To be honest I have never tried these natural remedies, I just never have thought about it, although I know some people will use nothing but natural things. I think the thought of some of them just makes me feel ill!! Yet probably some of them would work really well.
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• Australia
29 Apr 08
Natural remedies often taste better, so I prefer to use them before running to the doctor. I like herbal teas for those sleepless nights.