Solitary Confinement

@dandj929 (423)
United States
April 23, 2008 7:01am CST
Last night I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to wake up the rest of my family by getting out of bed so I just laid there for about an hour, hour and a half before falling back to sleep. It was just me alone with my thoughts for over an hour. So it got me thinking.......... How long do you think you would last alone with your thoughts? With no one else to talk to. Say you were stuck in solitary confinement, how long do you think you would last before you would crack?
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@kezabelle (2979)
23 Apr 08
Not long at all maybe a couple of days at the most before I really started feeling the need for some human contact. Before having my children I was often alone with my own thoughts but now im rarely ever alone so maybe im just used to the constant company of my little family.
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• Argentina
23 Apr 08
I can be alone sometimes but on the other hand you need the others in order to helpp you to avoid or solve problems you can´t solve alone. have a nica day ! Martín !