India reemerging like a pheonix.............

April 23, 2008 7:36am CST
Everybody in india and abroad has been talking about a high growth rate of the indian economy for a many billionares are being created .indian companies are taking over global giants ..........indians abroad are coming back....defnitley for an indian citizen its very nice to hear that....But can i ask all of you one question ,whether devlopment means only creating ambanis and it only improving our infrastructure....... I think devlopment means smething even beyond that...... Its was Mahathma gandhis wish to irradicate poverty from the country and improve the living standards of the far we have succeded in that.....india has not been able to move above human devlopment index....128th position........lower than bangladesh.still there are millions of people who lives with less than rs 10 a day...inequality is rising and is at its peak..what has we done...... Devlopment doesnt mean making the rich more richer...its about uplifting poor people and improving the living standards of the poorest of the poor..... Its high time that india should look in for an inclusive devlopment.....generations would not forgive us if we leave our fellow beings behind in the hell.........
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@anujain75 (1059)
• India
23 Apr 08
I am hundred percent agree with you.Ambani and birlas getting richer day by day by snachting poor people jobs.The poor section of society like fruit vendors,vegetable vendors and the stationary and grocery shop owners are loosing their job as these giant are start retailing.People use to shop vegetables,fruit and grocery from this retail outlet because they sell them in lower price. Goverment should stop them to open this type shops.