What is the point of Earth Day?

@gcabando (314)
April 23, 2008 8:41am CST
Isn't Earth Day a day for a government, use to get people to plant trees and be happy? I see no point in Earth Day. Why don't you go plant tree on say June 16th for example? I see no sense.
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• United States
17 May 09
I agree, a pointless holiday. I thought people were supposed to plant trees on Arbor Day. I think from a citizen's point of view it is an acknowledgment that we should be respecting the earth, not littering, etc. But I agree that it should be practiced every day, not just on Earth Day.
@wahmivy (778)
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
I see nothing wrong in celebrating the planet we live on. Of course you can be mindful of the environment every day of the year (the same way all the other holidays are not supposed to limit their significance to their dates), but to have a special day wherein people can really focus on things concerning the planet and have a more consolidated effort at preserving it (such as the Earth Hour) is a good thing. To dismiss something positive as nonsense does society in general an injustice.
@cream97 (29161)
• United States
23 Apr 08
Yes I see no point in it either. Earth Day should be every day if you ask me. People abuse the earth daily. They should be more concerned with the environment at all times. It is just a day to be known. It really has no meaning to it. If there is no example being set, then it is just another day as any other.