wat would u wish for ur beloved if a fairy grants u a wish?

April 23, 2008 10:40am CST
ya so answer this wonderful question!! if i would be grant a wsh i would wish tht she gets her love[thts me] very easily without any difficulty coz i have seenmost of the ppl aren't lucky enough to marry their beloved!! wat abt u ppl??
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@qt_dsy (85)
• Philippines
23 Apr 08
i would wish for his happiness for the rest of his life. that way even if im gone he would still be happy. we have been married for two years now, and we are still have a long way to go.
• India
24 Apr 08
aree yaar post sumthin more interestin yaar'
• Philippines
23 Apr 08
oh, i want to wish to the fairy,, to be happy,, well,, seeing him happy makes me happy also, so my wish will benefit not only him but also me,,, isn't that great?
23 Apr 08
I'm lucky enough to already have found my love, but we desperately need a home so that's what I'd wish for. A lovely home for the two of us and our cats and hopefully a few more family additions once we'd settled in!