What's one item that you really should throw out but never will ?

@DudaYLen (219)
April 23, 2008 11:27am CST
There are things that are just simply hard to let go of because of their sentimental value. Mine : A doll that I've had since I was 5 years old.
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@lifbrue (108)
• United States
23 Apr 08
I have this jacket that an old girlfriend gave to me (it's from J Crew) and my wife always tries to throw it out for that very reason. But I like the jacket a lot, so I'm trying to keep it from being thrown out. Maybe I should save my marriage and just throw it out!
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• United States
23 Apr 08
lifbrue- worry not about your marriage. Convey to your wife how important she is and how unimportant your ex is. Tell her the jacket isn't sentimental, and if she wants to go find you the same jacket and purchase it for you, you will be happy to get rid of the one from the ex. Women are more sensitive about these issues. Things from old girlfriends that are kept in view are threatening to us, even if we don't mean it to be. We are F.I.N.E. you know- 'F**ked up', 'Insecure', 'Neurotic', and 'Emotional'. She needs to get a grip on her emotions(unless she has reason to be this way). Maybe you have made her feel threatened in some way. Do you flaunt the fact that the jacket came from an ex? Not that it's my business, but you should take her out for a nice dinner and discuss the situation. Not just the jacket, but the feelings that accompany the issue.
@nixxi76 (3192)
• Canada
23 Apr 08
Hello DudaYLen, I actually have two things that I think of off the top of my head that I should be throwing out that I just can't. My stickerbook from over twenty years ago.. wow I remember trading stickers from it with all my friends at school and I just can't seem to part with it. My other items are old cabbage patch kids, I have about two or three that I don't want to part with either.
@longbangod (1790)
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
When you were 5 years old? You should have posted a picture of that doll here, lol I am thinking of a specific thing or item that I still have when it should be thrown away. I think its my old collection of x-rated movies hahaha joke! Actually I got a lot of old documents from my previous jobs wherein I still kept it at home, and many others, its not really a particular item or two.
• United States
23 Apr 08
I am 34 and have absolutely no use for this item but I choose to keep it anyway because I can't get rid of it. In my closet I have an old 'Trapper Keeper' full of letters and such from old boyfriends and friends. Old memories from my childhood. I think the reason I keep it is because I don't want to forget where I came from. Plus, there is more than just letters, it's also full of my history that I might want to pass on to my kids. On the same note, I also have a very used and beat-up stuffed Chewbacca that I've had since I was about 4 or 5. I'm not ever getting rid of him. Keep your things that are important, they might be important to your next generation. Getting rid of things like your doll is why we don't have much to pass on to our kids. Once it's gone- it's gone.