Which one is the oldest book on earth?

@Hastur (100)
April 23, 2008 1:03pm CST
A lot of people will say the Bible, but the bible its a compilation of text writen in different epochs. I have trace the the Vedas (an indian text) suppossedly to be 5000 years old, that is, 3000 thousand more than the Bible. Through Blavastky┬┤s work, I came to know about the Book of Dzyan, but there are no records of this except what she claims, and some old tibetans books. And also, I have found in some books of the Bible reference about Raziel┬┤s book. Which apparently was writen on sapphire stone. I traced it all the way until the time of Noe and Salomon and I lost it there. Does anybody have any information they like to share on this subject?
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