Do the cops think tey have all the power?

United States
April 23, 2008 3:38pm CST
Does anyone else live somewhere that the cops are always harassing people cause they think they have all the power in the world and cause there "cops" they can do whatever they want? Around here it seems like they like to go door to door to tell people they have a "tip" that someones selling pot out of there house just to see if they have anything and they just walk in your house whenever they feel like it, They did this at our apt. last year and then this year just last weekend they went to our neighbors house and did the same thing.....didn't find anything of course since there never was anything in any of the 5 apts in our house but why do they just go door to door like that? And we dont live in a bad area at all its the quietest part of town.
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